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Its about time the UFC started to issue financial penalties to fighters who get injured. I know its technically speaking not their fault, but they need to learn that at heart what we have here is a basic retail system.

We pay the UFC to deliver a product. The UFC charge the subcontractors to deliver the product. If that product doesnt appear, the UFC dont deliver, and that means its inconvinient for fans. Frankly...its a mute point whose to blame...the fact is...a product is not delivered.

I have never known quite so many accidents can almost guarentee now that the main event of an original advertized card wont ever be on the card...thats shocking, from athletes who need to know that safety matters.

I personally think some of these people just get reckless, or worse...arent injured at all. Get them to pay financially and you'll start to see a difference...but I DO think this should ONLY be applied to those fighters on the MAIN card

Secondly...its about time the UFC made fighters opponents manditory. If you turn down a fight, you should also have to pay a fine...anyone, in any "normal" job cant just refuse to do what they are employed to do.

...and if a Champion ever refuses, IMHO strip him of the title. It may be on short notice, and that might suck, it might effect the overall outcome...but welcome to the real world, where people end up with shyte circumstances all the time and have to make do...can you imagine if with one person on holiday, and one person off sick...I decided to refuse to do set up all on my own at work?? I would be disciplined.

Its frankly not good enough...the UFC need to start dealing with these issues, because those at the top now think that THEY own the UFC and not the other way round, and the UFC seem frightened to act because they dont want to jepodise their draws and lower their income...what they fail to see is, that the moment a fighter does this, they are already putting off lots of fans, and upsetting those who planned to go watch them live.

Having met Jones...I would be suprised if he, personally, decided to reject this fight. I suspect that his manager, and his fight camp have told him to, and Jones trusts them. Greg Jackson is a bloody law unto himself...did you EVER see Patrick Miletich act like this? EVER? Jackson has alot to answer for..IMHO he's no better then Armando Garcia...we all remember him from the CSAC afew years ago dont we...basically, a trouble maker...when will he learn that he HARMS his own fighters by advising them to fight safe, and getting them to pull out of fights short notice...better they go in a can someone who trains world champions no so bloody little about fight fans??? Its astounding
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