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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
So Chael wasn't the only one he refused? I guess it's all that integrity... lol

Wishing Dan the best!

I bet Dana is turning the air blue!
I will correct myself, Weidman offered to take the fight, not sure if he was ever offered the fight by the UFC.

I understand why Jones didn't take the fight, it was a risk that he wasn't prepared for. But when is a fight or any sport ever exactly how you prepare for? This was a guy last week that said that he didn't want to fight Machida because he was risky and the PPV numbers from the first fight were low. Yet now he will have to fight him in a month and lucky for him the undercard is good so he can get paid. I am sure the UFC would have compensated him fine to fight Chael next week. To me there were too many reasons to take the fight than not.
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