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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i think jones woulda destroyed chael, still doesn't mean take the fight ... its about keeping the integrity of the sport ... if chael was coming off a win, maybe ... but he isn't ... shogun didn't have to give jones the title shot on a months notice, but he did .. but imo, jones won a fight to earn that shot ... depends on how you see it i guess .. i think jones did what is best for the sport .. even if it is not best for him ..
You're right, each to his own, but I think you got it backwards, Jones did what suits him and to heck with everybody else. But it's sweet of you to give Jones the benefit of the doubt that he actually gives a fig about integrity and all.

Btw, should the word integrity ever be used in connection with the word sport? Also, title shots are not always "earned". Sometimes Dana "giveth" and sometimes Dana "taketh away".
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