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Originally Posted by preach View Post
You want to talk about integrity how about a man that sits as champion and then refuses a fight. That only shows me that he and his camp are only afraid of losing and to be honest with you. I feel that Cartlidge Jones caught a huge break and I am sure he was afraid of Dan and the style that he brings. And he saw that same threat in Chael.
Champions fight thats what they do it's in their make up. Look at Matt, Chuck and Randy all they want is a fight. They all still want that fight why because they are competitive it drives them. As it should Jones lacks that drive and I place all that on his camp and the way that they have brought him up. Lyoto isnt as of big of a threat as Chael is.
get real .. how can you say he doesn't want to fight, yet he was scheduled to fight dan .. he is taking the fight with lyoto in less than a month ... and to say that chael is a bigger threat than lyoto is laughable ... sure, jon has already beat lyoto, but machida has been champ ... more than you can say for chael ...

jones has fought great wreslters in rashad, hamill and has never been taken down .. glad he did what he did .. for the intergrity of mma .. (yes, i said it again)

and don't talk about these other guys taking fights cuz they were competitive .. randy walked away from the sport beacuse other guys were getting paid more .. if competition drove him, he wouldn't care that other guys were better at negotiating ... chuck lidell wouldn't fight lindland cuz he felt he didn't deserve it .. same thing jones did ...
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