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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
i don;t know how he could have stabbed that tire that effortlessly, it takes a little effort to puncture even the sidewall of a tire

that looks like a bus, bus tires will run 3-4 times the pressure that passenger or light truck tires run, we're talking 120 psi, that is why it shredded his shirt, and anything that can peel the shirt off him like that can surely peel the skin off his arm to, that is my guess, even a snapped ulna or radius can't produce that much blood that quick, it peeled the outer layer of skin off exposing all the blood, imho

i have heard tires rip and start to rip, but i am smart enough to run the other way, not go up to it and bend over and look at it, about the time you get far enough away they blow, so that would be my guess as well, he heard the inner wall starting to give way and went to check it out then ka-blam
maybe he did stab the tire...
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