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Default 2012 Proms Season

Each Year in England a season of concerts take place featuring classical style music and opera, to celebrate music, they culminate in a rare british patriotic music festival known as "The Last Night of The Proms" which is held in The Royal Albert Hall in London.

I've been trying recently to appreciate the works of James MacMillan who is a composer. He write music both for Organ and for choral works. He's best thought of in terms of his Choral Works as half was to Brittin. He uses discordence a lot, so his choral works arent soft on the ear...His Organ work as best seen as half way to Messian...whose work I absolutely detest...and can be best described as just horrible noise

In both I find Macmillan is about as far as I can appreciate music of that style, and one of his works choral works came up in the Proms

and here is a good example of a two min fanfare on the organ in his style...noise, yes...but at least its melodic

Do you do Proms in the US?
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