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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Read the rest here. One man wasn't actually a student, he was just on campus. These random attacks seem to be happening more and more frequently. What's up with that?!? Is the campus generally a safe place late at night, Ben?
Well, yes & no. I mean, the VCU Police generally do a really great job, but it's still an urban school in the heart of the city. Even the safest sections of any city aren't the best place to be at 2am sometimes. Shafer Street, from Broad to the Compass, is the center campus. Offices, dorms, lecture halls, dining center, professor offices, bookstore, restaurants, etc., itís a main throughfare. Itís the green line on the map below:

Hereís the problem: you see that red box I drew on the corner of Broad & Harrison? Thatís 534 Club. It's a primarily black club that's famous for the fights that break out there. It's had more than 1 shooting. It's not uncommon, when the clubs shut down at 2am, for the patrons to spill into the parking lot outside & there to be about 5-6 spontaneous fights.

534 shuts down at 2am. These attacks happened 20min later, 1 block away. It's just the nature of the beast sometimes.
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