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Default Really great interview with Michael "The Count" Bisping

Until I watched this interview, Iíve never agreed with anything Michael Bisping has ever said. Even through the first few minutes of this interview, I maintained distaste for his sentiments, but then something changed. All of a sudden, I overcame all our cultural differences and he said some things I agreed with. Unfortunately, my short-term memory doesnít allow me to remember exactly what he said, so I can go back to being a fan of whoever his opponent is, but itís cool that I momentarily agreed with him. No matter what happens, weíll always share this moment of thinking alike, even if it only happens once on an average Wednesday morning that included a lackluster oatmeal breakfast and a subsequent mild stomach ache. Hereís the interview with Mauro Ranallo finally gets Michael Bisping sounding appealing to American fans who donít care for TRT or doping violations.
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