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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Last night was my first time to see Ronda Rousey fight. All of her wins have been by arm bar. Was there something Kaufman could/should have done differently? How can someone beat Rousey and her arm bar?
Well, the answer is pretty simple: don't go to the ground with her. Problem is, that enacting that solution is ridiculously difficult. As soon as you let Ronda get a grip on you, you're going to be thrown. She's an Olympic bronze medalist in judo: you're not going to be able to stop her takedowns. Then, as soon as you hit the mat, she's going to be hunting for that arm mercilessly. Her mother (Ann Maria) has been drilling armbars with Ronda since she was 12. O, did I mention that Ann Maria was the first American to win the Judo world championships? If you have a world champion drilling armbars with you for more than half you life, you're gonna be pretty slick. You will have seen every defense imaginable & have a trick worked out to counter it.

The only person I've ever seen get out of one of Ronda's armbars was Miesha Tate. Problem was, she was stuck on the ground with Ronda, & she ended up being caught in another one later in the round. Ronda's no joke. To beat her, you better have legit black belt skills on the ground & powerful hands on the feet.
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