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The Sacred Cod of Massachusetts, known simply as the Sacred Cod and officially as the Representation of a codfish, is a carving of a codfish that hangs in the House of Representatives chamber of the Massachusetts State House in Boston. The Sacred Cod measures 4 feet 11 inches (1.50 m) long, is carved out of a solid piece of pine, and symbolizes the importance of the fishing industry to Massachusetts. Around 1840, this industry employed 12,000 people in roughly 1,300 vessels in coastal Massachusetts and supported many related businesses. There have been a total of three Sacred Cods, the first was created early in the 18th century and destroyed by a fire in the Old State House in 1747. The second was created between 1748 and 1773 and subsequently went missing early in the American Revolution during the British occupation of Boston. The current fish was carved in 1784 and presented to the House later that year by the Boston merchant John Rowe.

The Sacred Cod was stolen as a practical joke in 1933 by students from Harvard University, causing the Massachusetts State Police to dredge the Charles River and search a plane in Newark, New Jersey for the fish. It was recovered two days later. It was stolen again by students from the newly founded University of Massachusetts Boston in 1968 as a protest. The cod was found three days later behind a door in the House chamber. There is also a brass casting of a fish incorporated into the central chandelier of the Massachusetts Senate chamber known as the Holy Mackerel.

The Real Question you should be asking yourself is...Where is the Second Sacred Cod now? Stolen by the British??? I wonder where that could have gone?? Is it locked in the Tower for treason??? was it hanged at Tyburn?? oh Where is my Codfish, Oh where is my codfish, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh my codfish? sing along now!
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