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The Sacred Cod of Massachusetts Its not a Mace...but they wished it was I did a little appears that the Americans kept using their Mace from prior to Independance, and that a presumes it was given to the Convention Governments that eventually thought up independance, became the House of Representatives Mace...until the British claimed it back by distroying it when they attacked Washington in 1812

BUT The Americans built their own Mace!!! YES their is currently a Mace for the Speaker of The House of Representatives, and its NOT British, its seemingly self created...I suppose that in theory, now the President of The United States is a law unto himself, He now has the authority to grant authority to others in his Land...I suspect that just like in England, all your State Governments probably have Mace...but I suspect that only a handful, like Virginia, still use the original British Mace...I imagine thats because, most of the States NEVER had a British Mace, and most that did probably did either give them back, or, probably smashed and broke them up in a sign of defiance against thats what the Protestants did with the Statues in the Roman Catholic Cathedrals...they beheaded them all
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