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Parliament also has Mace...if you look at this film, look at the long desk between the two sides, lying on the table you can see the their is a Mace lying on a stand...I believe that there are at least two Mace kicking around the commons at various times...One for the House, One for the Speaker usually...I think they move around the table I've seen two much larger that run the long length of the table can get really complex as to what Mace belongs to who and what exactly it symbolizes

Bear in mind that without the Mace, these Governments have no authority if you were to steal the Mace of a Government, it would pass as being EXACTLY the same as stealing the Standard of a Roman Legion. There is no authority without the Mace...infact, it could be seen as quite the opposite...meeting without the mace to discuss politics could be viewed as contempt for the authority who granted it. High Treason.

btw...all of our collonies had Mace...wherever there was an important person deemed so by Royal Authority...or a Provincial had a Mace.

I present to you the Australian House of Representative.

Fancy giving a Mace to what was initially intended to be a Penal Collony
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