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Originally Posted by NateR View Post

1) Britain could no longer exert any control whatsoever over the US and could only attempt to influence us by appealing to our sense of justice and morality. Kind of like an aging parent asking for help from a rebellious child.

2) Also, I think you will find that Americans don't put nearly as much stock in symbolism as the British do. There might still be a Mace in Virginia, but I'm sure no one there sees he/she/it (?) as anything more than a tradition with no real power.

What exactly is a "Mace" anyway? Because when I think of a mace, I think of this...

...and it's funny to think of some politician in Virginia waving this around every time he or she speaks.

2) I think that has to do with age also. Symbols need time to become great. I'm sure when the first mace was bestowed, noone really cared, but when thousands of years later, the same tradition was performed in Virginia, I am certain that those who received it felt valued, and felt like they were now fit to Rule because they had the certified stamp of approval, it gave them legitamacy in a world where everything was so new, there was no way of claiming rights via appeal to a higher source.

But...its not true in all sences...The Americans DO understand Pragmatic Symbols...After all, think of the American Standard, and how it is viewed as nigh on sacred by Americans, who get a real sence of Pride from flying it outside their house, or being the family member to receive it at a military funneral.

I suspect you are right, the Virginian State Government has probably always processed behind the Mace, and thus, always will do-its just the way they have always done it, and is meaningless in terms of its original concept. But, for those who understand the symbolism, its FAR more a pledge to the British Crown, then some flip-flop who raises a glass out of courtesy...somehow, what cant be denied is where that Mace came from and Why

Now...let me tell you what a Mace is. A Mace is a type of Virge. A Virge is a long Metal Pole which is held at an angle forward of the individual when carried. The Virge is a sign of authority. It is given to someone as a token to mark the fact they are viewed as important by the authority that grants it. It may also symbolize the very authority itself. So, when the Virginians carry the Mace inside their Chambre, they do so to represent Her Britannic Majesty...IF she were present, they would have to cover the Mace, because her authority superceeds theres, as she gave the gift of political power to them. Do you follow?

Virge also appear in churches, and have a purely practical function, they stick out at the start of processions to clear the way for those following. This mattered when you had to travel through the streets, or through a mob, or throng of could use the pole to push them out of the way again...not really important now...but totally practical at the time...if the Virginians processed to their Chambre, and there were protestors intent on stopping them by blocking the way, the Mace could be used to push them out the way...I suspect thats where the Mace has morphed into a weapon...used to knock people out the way...but thats a modification. they are technically the same...each a stick with some knob on the top hahahaha

Mace are still in use such Mace belongs to The Lord Mayor of London. look at 44 second mark of this video

that Golden heavy object carried by the guy who comes out of the coach after the first man who nearly falls down the steps....THAT object is The Mace I imagine if he swung that at someone, it would hurt them lol. following that comes a third person with a Pearl Sword...which was what the Monarchs gave to mark Independance of the City of London. So these two objects show that this person is marked as important by the crown, and whatever he owns is independant of the crown.

Technically speaking London is Independant of England.

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