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I was raised to believe in the Rapture, followed by the 7-year Tribulation, then the Second Coming of Christ (aka Armageddon). After Christ's return, He reigns for 1000-years, then the final battle of Gog and Magog, followed immediately by the extermination of all life on Earth and the Great White Throne Judgement.

I'm a bit flexible on the actual timeline, however, because people don't have a great track record of accurately interpreting Bible prophecy. I do believe in the Rapture, because I don't think the Anti-Christ will have the power to take over until the Holy Spirit has left the Earth. However, there will still be Christians on the Earth during the Tribulation (most likely converted after the Rapture) and they will likely suffer worse than any other Christian has suffered in history.

I also believe that the Church will be judged first. Not because GOD wants to punish true-believers for their sins, but because GOD wants to winnow out the false-believers. As the persecutions against the Church get more and more intense, then the false-believers will fall away. The true-believers won't be spared from the persecution, the true-believers will simply endure the persecution. So, from a human standpoint, true-believers will actually suffer more than false-believers. Christ told us to expect nothing less.
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