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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Wow, I don't know what to think of that video. I've never heard anyone claim that the US is still owned by Britain. That just sounds too crazy for me to comment on right now and I would have a hard time believing that the average American would take that claim seriously at all.

There are a few things I can comment on. Barack Obama has no business taking credit for the death of Osama bin Laden. Absolutely none. If he had served in the military, he would understand this. It's never one person who gets credit for these operations and when Obama tries to take credit he's really just making himself look like a fool in the eyes of everyone who has served this country. He's trying to use it to score political points, which is disgraceful.

Besides, if George W. Bush had given the order for that operation, there would be Americans screaming for him to be brought up on war crime charges and revising history to portray Osama as an innocent victim of American imperialism. At the very least, covering up Osama's crimes against humanity, similar to what's happened with Saddam Hussein. In fact, I'm sure many young kids think of Saddam Hussein as an innocent victim of the Bush Administration and have no clue just how evil the former leader of Iraq truly was. The "lies" told by the Bush Administration to get us into the war pale in comparison to Saddam's (and his sons') crimes against humanity.

Secondly, the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary to end WW2. The Allied forces were estimating over 1 million dead Allied soldiers just to gain a foothold on mainland Japan. That's not counting the Japanese deaths or the number of lives lost trying to actually hold those positions on Japanese soil. So, the atomic bombs dropped on Japan saved at least 10 times more lives than they took.

Also, just read about the colonization of Korea and China by the Japanese in the early 20th century. The Japanese people were not innocent victims any more than the citizens of Nazi Germany were innocent of the Holocaust. In fact, the atrocities committed by the Japanese government and military before and during WW2 were so bad that many Koreans still hate Japan to this day. You can read about some of what happened in this link:
Thats always what I thought also. That Japan choosing to fight on regardless of Germany, and with their land being so inaccessable, the amount of lives lost in a land invasion would be less then to wipe out two cities.

Noone wanted to distroy Japan...but she didnt leave anyone a choice. Germany had fallen, there was ZERO need for her to continue, and yet, for shytes and giggles on she went. I honnestly dont think that Bombing her was a British Idea forced upon the Americans. I think it was an idea backed by the entire planet, minus Germany and Italy, and that we all contributed and all aggreed upon. The US did it because they were the only military left capable of doing so, and went with British Blessings of course, but in no way were they compelled to do that.

I'd like to know what you think about the Soviets...It IS True that prior to Nazi Germany, the British Empire was still a force to be reckoned with, damaged during the Great War, but by no means dead. It IS True that the British were very much an Imperial Force also, In the Traditional Sence, and that obviously a lot of the Lands had either been originally collonized by us a top a primative civilization...such as The Americas ...where we claimed the land as free from the Natives, the rest being done litterally by conquest, one supposes very much like Hitler. You launch a Ground Invasion and then rule over the land, India for example.

Its not hard to see, I suppose, how IF your President, the one who joined the war, had stopped Hitler, he may then launch his own version of "war on Terror" where he then states other Imperial Forces which should be disbanded also....The British DID certainly inspire the Cold War attitude by claiming EXACTLY THAT of the Russians. Remember during the War Russia was Friends with the US...and certainly there WAS a worry that the political system of the Russians, Communism, was spreading and seen, however wrongly, as a form of imperialism. Winston Churchill DID go to the Americans and talk about an Iron Fist and a Curtain moving across the shattered remains of Europe.

I have always thought that was because Europe lay broken, and that Russia and the United States both had money and arms...and it was a matter of who was going to rebuild Europe...America, via investment financially with the same political system, or Russia via land invasion and a very alien style of politics...and Winston was worried if the Americans didnt help him, Russia would gain control of Europe.

I suppose you could say that Winston doing that, allowed the Americans to see Russia as an Imperial Threat...and thus completely pushes the Imperial Focus away from England....the major issue with this, is that I honnestly dont think we were an Imperial Forces by the end of the war. IF we were, why did we then start dishing out independance to all the Empire, and forming the commonwealth instead? I've always assumed that the United States realized from the end of the war that England had a wealth of influence, but relatively no power left whatsoever, and therefore no ability to control her Empire which then began to fragment.

Which Version of events do you think is closer to the truth? Which do Americans generally believe? I suggest the British Government might exert control or influence on Washington is one thing...but HM The Queen doesnt even really control England, so how can she, personally, control America? She's a Figure Head...and has been since The Glorious Revolution about 150 years ago.

Also...Why would she want anymore of America then the British first had? When England got the thirteen Collonial outposts on the Eastern Seaboard of North America....they didnt really make for any rapid expansion westwards. Dont forget that France actually owned more of the United States then anyone else...and yet the Americans never celebrate independance from France, or Spain, or the Dutch...I guess it if you freely give up your collonies, the Americans bearly remember you were ever there...whilst, if you fight for what you believe is yours, they will never forget beating you for it we are talking about Obama pledging allegience to the Queen...How come the State Government of Virginia still process in behind a Mace? I only ask...because a Mace is a symbol of authority given by a Monarch...think of it like a stamp of approval. Why...if you hated the Monarch, would you still process in behind her stamp of approval to your authority....and more you know how much that Mace is probably worth??? do you guys realize, that effectively that Mace is Property Of The Crown? Do you know that Richmond in Virginia even sets out to have like Victorian Style Architecture and stuff, mock classical, like up-market England around the time of American Independance.

I think if they ever claimed independance from the Union, Her Majesty would probably ask them to join the Commonwealth of Nations...and even bestow upon them a brand new Mace
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