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Question thoughts on this?

Bonnie and I have recently been talking...and I've said alot about the European View of America post WW2.

Now THIS video gives an entirely different the first two moments, the author has said that it was wrong to join England to defeat the USSR, That the Bombs dropped on Japan were due to British Influence and that those Japanese were "innocent"

The only thing I aggree with is...that the President of the United States should NOT be pledging allegience to the British Crown...not unless he intends to return the thirteen collonies of course....He has to remember that despite the war of independance...the vast majoirity of States NEVER fell under British Rule...we only ever had the East Coast thirteen.

I'd love to know if you think she is a nut....or if this sort of belief really is a prevelent belief of the Republican Christian Right

I certainly have never heard anyone blame England for Hiroshima before...I'd love to know just how much persuasion those in the British Government really did...ive always been led to believe that we were empty and powerless after the war mand that any notion or lead came from the US Government.
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