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Sounds more like tresspass and vandalism to me...I mean if he didnt steal anything, its not Burglary is it...just breaking and entering...I dont know whats more bizzare, that he would break in to steal something from a church...or that he had no clothes on

At my old church, Saint Georges in Lincoln, a the Church was broken into one night and the entire Plate was stolen. Everyone was very upset and about a week later the Church receved a phonecall from the thief who was phoning from a pay phone and told them to come to his location and they could have the silverwares back because he felt so guilty for stealing them.

It reminds me of the idiots who stole the ark of the covernant once. They put it in their Temple, and discovered the next day that their idols had all fallen face down infront of it...this happened so many times, they gave the Ark back

In England you even have people breaking into churches to steal lead from the roof...not that many churches have that sort of material left anyway, you have people stealing war memorials for scrap metal, and in Bradford, they even dig up some of the older, nice pavement slabs...its very bizzare.
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