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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
no, he said in the article that he is afraid of no one.
And then he says:

"It could happen of course," he said. "It definitely can happen, but for me, that's far ahead in time. Right now, Iím not thinking about that. I can't. My main thing right now is to get better, and then when I'm going to fight, to get ready to win the fight, what I need to do to win and beat the guy. I need to focus on one thing at a time.

"You never know what's going to happen in the future," he continued. "A lot of things can change. There are a lot of big fights coming up. Chris Weidman, I've seen him in training. He's at a different level. He can be world champion if he fights Anderson first. So, this fight is not written in blood. If all goes well and all the stars are aligned, yeah, maybe one day it will happen. But right now, I just came back and I need to fight Carlos Condit. We'll see what's going to happen next."

St-Pierre said that he understands the fans' interest in the match, and said that he, too, has a desire to engage in a superfight that helps MMA "reach the next level." But right now, it's only something he can discuss in general terms, because there is no offer for it directly in front of him.

"Towards the end, I didn't have the drive anymore," he said. "I was doing it because I had to do it. I didn't have fun anymore. I lost a little bit of the love for the sport."

"There is a saying in English that you don't repair something that is not broken," he said. "Sometimes I believe you have to break it yourself to repair it, to make it better. Because the sport of mixed martial arts will evolve. If I stay at the same level, they will catch up to me. I need to evolve, to stay ahead of game. The critics are always there. I listen to the critics. I'm very critical on myself. I want to make more finishes myself. I want to be more exciting, take more risks, be more opportunistic. I've been working on that a lot."

But, he admits, video games are not something he's spent a lot of time playing in his recent past. And if all goes well, aside from helping to promote "Sleeping Dogs," it's not something he'll have much time for in the near future, either. Carlos Condit awaits, and then, maybe Anderson Silva. Maybe.

"Who knows?" he said. "I don't know. By the time I get there, maybe there's going to be a new other guy that will be the next big thing and Iíll be fighting that guy. Things go fast in mixed martial arts. You never know. There's a lot of guys that want to fight me. I'm going to tell you something I've learned: the only things you can control are what's in your present. What is happening right now is I don't have any fights signed. We don't control life, we don't control what goes on. Sometimes you focus on things you don't even control and it doesn't even happen. That's a waste of time and energy, and I don't want to do that."
What could be "more exciting, taking more risk", than fighting Anderson?

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LOL .. what can i say .. i take gsp's word for it ..
That's good because he's telling you he doesn't want to fight Anderson!
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