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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post

"A number of years ago, I fought with a guy who turned out to become a very good friend of mine, and I lost the match," Sonnen said. "Since becoming friends and competitors with him, I've also become a fan. I watched him win the world championship. I watched him etch his name in stone as a guaranteed future Hall of Famer. He's the one guy Jon Jones hasn't fought. He's beat two world champions in his last three outings.

"I get very frustrated that Forrest's name is left out of the conversation. This is a guy who's beat everybody, and he's never been in the talks to fight Jon Jones. He's coming off a fight with Tito Ortiz, one of the most decorated light heavyweights of all time a Hall of Famer. They go out and have a 'Fight of the Night,' an awesome performance, and still, he gets overlooked."

Sonnen implied that his sights are set squarely on Jones' title but that he wanted to earn the opportunity.

"I could go up to 205 and I could take Jon Jones' belt the same as I could take his candy on Halloween a little punk kid, I'd snatch it away all I want," Sonnen said. "But there's something to be said in sportsmanship for earning your shot. And on the 29th of December, I'm going to go through Forrest to do it."

-Uncle Chael

LoL!!!! Holy SH!@

I cant wait to see this fight!! Two of my Favorite fighters going up against each other!!!

I wonder how Chael will look at 205? No more Draining himself.
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