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Originally Posted by F34R View Post
Just thought I'd post an update:

So, I'm just down to neuropsyc battle... once they clear me, I can get back to work. Unfortunately, my extraordinary progress has hit a speed bump and is going extremely slow. I'm still having some memory problems, speech problems, and some comprehension issues. They are telling me that they expect a 100% recovery, but it takes time. It's disheartening to know there is the chance that these functions won't get better, I'll have to learn to cope with certain things.

Physically, I mostly back to normal. I lose my balance a few times a day at most. Otherwise, you'd never really see that I had been hurt the way I was.

I'm sure there are a lot more things I can bring up, but it takes a little longer these days to type the post, make sure it is written the same way I thought about it, and it makes sense mostly lol.

Glad to be back on the forums.
Originally Posted by F34R View Post
Thank you all for your support. I appreciate it from the heart. God allowed me to stay here on earth, and I thank all of you for your prayers that have helped me. I have problems with words and thoughts some times so I hope this wasn't the wrong way to express myself.

I realized after reading the entire thread again that I never explained what happened to me that night. I still can't remember, and they've told me that I will never remember it. Here is the explanation I've been given though.

I was on a call, I'm a police officer, and I pulled off the road to talk to some kids that were out at almost 2am. While I was talking to them a car drive by us and hit my car, which struck me on the head and threw me about fifty feet. I hit the road. I had a lot of internal bleeding in my head, a subdural hematoma, which had to have a craniotomy. It's kinda hard to remember the specifics of the injuries to my head and brain, but I remember the neurologist saying they were able to keep the brainstem from rupturing. If thats the right terms for that, I don't really know. That's pretty much all I can remember from being explained to. Hope that helps. Sorry it took so long for this information.
God bless your heart, James, for all you've been through, you've made tremendous strides in a relatively short time. That's wonderful news that they expect you to make 100% recovery. This speed bump may just be a part of the process of how the body responds as it heals as time goes by so try not to be discouraged.
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