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Thank you all for your support. I appreciate it from the heart. God allowed me to stay here on earth, and I thank all of you for your prayers that have helped me. I have problems with words and thoughts some times so I hope this wasn't the wrong way to express myself.

I realized after reading the entire thread again that I never explained what happened to me that night. I still can't remember, and they've told me that I will never remember it. Here is the explanation I've been given though.

I was on a call, I'm a police officer, and I pulled off the road to talk to some kids that were out at almost 2am. While I was talking to them a car drive by us and hit my car, which struck me on the head and threw me about fifty feet. I hit the road. I had a lot of internal bleeding in my head, a subdural hematoma, which had to have a craniotomy. It's kinda hard to remember the specifics of the injuries to my head and brain, but I remember the neurologist saying they were able to keep the brainstem from rupturing. If thats the right terms for that, I don't really know. That's pretty much all I can remember from being explained to. Hope that helps. Sorry it took so long for this information.

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