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Some quotes from Rami Genauer of Fightmetric from a February 2012 article talking about the use of their data:

Interestingly and organically, FightMetric has become a valued source within the MMA community during disputes over winners and losers or controversial decisions. The company scores all UFC fights using their own methodology and posts the results on their website. MMA media often pore over their data to determine if the numbers confirm or deny the legitimacy of what actually took place. Would those sorts of in-demand numbers also be used during UFC events? Genauer is skeptical. "I would tend to doubt that [UFC] would want to use the data in a way that would try to assign a winner or loser based on the data."

"You would not want to come up with a pronouncement based on the live data we're producing which we know is going to be subject to some revision or correction after the slow motion replay is done," Genauer continued. "I don't think anyone has a desire to go out and preemptively shame the judges because the data came out one way and the decision comes out the other. Everyone has their own opinion on how fights should be scored. That's fair because the criteria are qualitative.

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