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When it comes to a a judges' decision, you don't add the judges scores together, you add up the number of judges who scored it in your favor.

In other words, it's not 46+48+48 vs. 49+47+47 = 142 vs. 143. It's Judge 2 + Judge 3 vs. Judge 1 = 2 vs. 1. That first judge could have scored it 5,000,000-0 in favor of Frankie & it wouldn't have changed the outcome.

Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
The best way to put it is that no one decisively won most of the rounds. They were all close and it just depended on what the judges were looking for when scoring.
Agreed. When I was watching it, I felt like Ben was coasting in the 5th because he left like he had it in the bag & was fighting to not get finished. I couldn't believe it that the'd be that confident after 4 narrow rounds.
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