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Round 4:
Edgar with a takedown. Henderson hits him with a head kick from the bottom while Edgar was standing over him. It wasn't too powerful though. They scramble and Edgar has a guillotine against the fence. Henderson is out with 2:40 left. A solid jab by Henderson causes Edgar to lose his mouthpiece. Ref Herb Dean quickly calls timeout for him to retrieve it. A hard right hand by Henderson lands, and Edgar answers. Henderson starts showboating, inviting Edgar in and Edgar lands a right hand. That seems to anger the former champ, who stared Henderson down after the round-ending horn. Another fairly close round, but MMA Fighting scores it for Edgar, 10-9.

Round 5:
Edgar with a straight right to start the final round. Edgar seems to have his rhythm and confidence. He pushes Henderson on to his back when the champ was off-balance. When Henderson gets up, Egar with another right cross. Edgar may be on the way to regaining the gold. Henderson with a straight left hand. The two briefly clinch and Edgar lands on the break. Edgar with an inside leg kick. Less than one minute left now. Hard left hand by the champion. Edgar answers with a combination. Edgar slips on a head kick and Henderson tags him with a kick of his own. It's not enough. It's an Edgar round, and he may have recaptured the belt.
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