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Jake Shields vs. Ed Herman

Round 1:
Shields throwing body kicks early. Herman rushes in and initiates a clinch which is a curious strategy. Perhaps Herman hopes to wear out Shields early as he's had some stamina issues in recent fights. Also worth noting: this fight is at altitude. With 3:30 left, Shields takes Herman down. Herman is back to his feet 30 seconds later though. The two fight a grueling battle for position against the cage. And against the cage they stay switching positions for second after second, minute after minute.

Round 2:
Herman throws a couple of right hands and then initiates a clinch again. Shields takes him down quickly. Shields looks for a kimura. Herman works free. Shields is working to step over into mount. Occasionally, he drills Herman with elbows. This is a Shields kind of round for sure. The crowd is booing but Shields is in side control, so there won't be a standup. Herman is able to get it back to full guard. Herman throws elbows from the bottom. Shields moves back to half-guard. Shields with punches from the top and it's his round 10-9.

Round 3:
Between rounds, Herman's corner told him not to initiate the clinch. He comes out with jabs but Shields comes inside and forces it for him. This time, Herman throws an elbow and backs away. Herman gets a brief takedown but lets Shields up. Shields goes low and puts Herman on his back. Plenty of time to work. Herman to half-guard, and then to mount with two minutes left. Not a place anyone wants to be against Shields. Herman gets it back to full guard with minimal damage but time is running low. A few strikes from the top. It's Shields' round, 10-9 to end a fairly lackluster through grueling fight.

Winner: Jake Shields via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
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