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Justin Lawrence vs. Max Holloway

Round 1:
With a combined age of 42, this is one of the youngest fights in UFC history. Lawrence with a big overhand right that lands for the first significant strike of the bout. Holloway still working on range. He doubles up on the jab and lands a stiff one. Lawrence scores with a left hook. A Holloway inside leg kick lands low, causing a timeout. Lawrence has a trickle of blood on the right side of his head, on the hairline. Holloway scores with a left hook. Lawrence takes him down briefly but Holloway's back to his feet. Ninety seconds left. Holloway lands a knee, Lawrence fires back a straight right. A body shot from Lawrence. Another low blow by Holloway just as the round is ending. A very close round with no discernible winner.

Round 2:
A slow start to the second. Lawrence throws a spinning back fist that is partially deflected. Holloway throws a 1-2 combo, connecting on the back end. Lawrence shoots in but Holloway gets the underhooks and defends the takedown. Holloway comes forward with a combo but doesn't land much. Lawrence tries a takedown from halfway across the cage, and Holloway stuff it easily. Holloway is the one stalking now. Lawrence sends a message with a stinging left hook. Holloway with a liver shot that drops Lawrence. Holloway swarms on the ground with a series of strikes, and it's over.

Winner: Max Holloway via TKO, Rd. 2.
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