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Dennis Bermudez vs. Tommy Hayden

Round 1:
Hayden comes out southpaw, Bermudez is orthodox. Bermudez picks up a single and dumps Hayden on his back, now working from full guard. Hayden uses butterfly hooks to create separation and stands. Both fighters attempt doubles, but neither succeeds. Bermudez is trying to get to Hayden's back from the front head lock, but can't get it and both fighters stand after a brief scramble. Bermudez eats a huge knee as Bermudez was leaning over to throw a punch to the body. Hayden pounces and takes Bermudez's back. Hayden attempts an armbar, but Bermudez powers out of it. Now he's on top again in half guard. Bermudez stands and they both return to their feet. Bermudez locks up a standing guillotine and pushes Hayden back into the fence. Hayden taps and that's it.

Dennis Bermudez def. Tommy Hayden via submission (standing guillotine) at 4:43 of round 1
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