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Jared Hamman vs. Michael Kuiper

Round 1:
Both fighters come out orthodox with Kuiper doing all the stalking. Hamman lands a nice outside leg kick, but is circling into Kuiper's powerhand and gets clipped with a right from Kuiper. Body lock takedown picks up and puts down Hamman. Now Hamman stands. Kuiper lands a hard outside leg kick and several hard right hands. Now several more and Hamman is clearly hurt. Kuiper is almost landing at all now, but amazingly Hamman is still standing.

Round 2:
Kuiper lands two hard inside kicks, but Hamman responds with two hard hooks. A left hook from Kuiper drops Hamman to the mat, but somehow he manages to hang on and stand. Two more rights and Hamman nearly crumbles. A right uppercut does the trick as Hamman is backing up. That's it. Kuiper wins in brutal fashion.

Michael Kuiper def. Jared Hamman by TKO (strikes, ref stoppage).

That was painful to watch.

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