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Originally Posted by Pastor Chris F View Post
Life begins before the womb. God told Jeremiah Before I formed you in your Mothers Womb I knew you. So life starts before the sperm and egg even meet.
Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Agreed, the answer goes way beyond biology. Our lives started before the universe was even created.

In answer to most of your questions, adamt, only GOD knows.

As for the bees, the rules for the insect kingdom don't really apply to humans. Many insects reproduce asexually, so we can't really make assumptions about human life based on insect life.

I would be very hard pressed to believe that a chicken was born from an unfertilized egg.

In the Bible, GOD states that human life is in the blood. So some may use that to argue that an embryo isn't alive until the heart starts beating. But that's a bit complicated because, from my understanding (which might be a few years out of date), we don't really know when an embryo's heart actually starts beating, we only know when the heartbeat can be detected.

The basic biology behind it all is that a human sperm and a human egg are referred to as haploid cells, because they only carry half of the genetic information necessary to reproduce. When the two haploid cells meet, the genetic information combines into a diploid cell, which results in a complete DNA strand that is a blending of the two parents. This also means that a unique person has been created at fertilization and no new genetic information will ever be added to that person's DNA throughout their lifetime. Information can only be lost from that point on.

So, speaking purely from a genetics standpoint, there is nothing that makes a fertilized egg less human than a full-grown adult. However, GOD is obviously not limited to genetics.

Finally, I think the people who speak out against surrogacy may be under a mistaken impression of what it involves. I don't believe that surrogacy is wrong and it's definitely better than the alternative of Biblical times when the husband actually had to have sex with another woman, if his wife was barren, in order to produce an heir. Or if his brother died without any children, then he would have to have sex with his sister-in-law in order to give his brother an heir.
both good answers

I could argue with neither.

nate, i had researched it quite a bit before I had even posted this, and from what I can see they are quite confident the heart beats at day 22 with it's own blood, but then again, when i grew up we had nine planets, pluto was one of them and dinosaurs were cold blooded, so....

So I am still wondering about women whose eggs don't implant, but get fertilized. Are those children up in heaven? But I don't really have to have an answer to that question. It doesn't matter.

I also wonder(though it isn't my business) why God continues to let babies be murdered like we (the USA) do. Sometimes I think that if God lets it continue, maybe it isn't as bad as we thought.

You both know me well enough to know I am not trolling or going apostate on here, just legitamate thoughts.

Lastly, if a husband and wife use a gestational surrogate, and during the process the wifes eggs are extracted and fertilized. Say there are four embryo after the process is said and done. Now that couple uses two in their surrogate, that leaves two. Are they obligated to use the remaining two? Those embryos could be frozen indefinitely(something one may argue would point to life not having yet begun).

again, I am not trolling, rather discussing among fellow Christians as opposed to being asked by secular people. I would like to have it thought out if ever posed the questions I am posing now.
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