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Default So when does life begin....

I am a beekeeper. Most of the bees in a hive are worker bees, all worker bees are females. Workers hatch from unfertilized eggs.

There are instances in which chicks have hatched from unfertilized eggs.

So if life can come from unfertilized eggs, does life really begin at conception(sperm meets egg)? If life begins at conception then did life ever begin for those bees or chicks?

Did Jesus come from an unfertilized egg? Did God send a sperm down to fertilize one of mary's eggs?

By definition Mary was the first ever surrogate mother. Some say surrogacy is wrong. If Jesus was born of a surrogate then how could it be wrong?

If life truly begins at conception, and a woman is trying to get pregnant, and she has unprotected sex every month during ovulation, and each month she sucessfully gets her egg fertilized but she never gets pregnant due to the egg never implanting. So every month, unbeknownst to her, she is passing a fertilized egg out of her system, and she just thinks she didn't get pregnant. The question is, if life begins at conception, then by that definition, those eggs are all little babies. So if she passed one embryo per month for five years while trying to get pregnant, will she have 60 children up in heaven waiting for her that she is absolutely oblivious to?

I am against embryonic stem cell research, but I have to know what I believe and why. And i can't just use the old cliche that life begins at conception, therefore all embryos are alive.

If that is the case, then as I already mentioned, eggs have the potential for being lives as well, therefore are we obligated to attempt to bring each egg to fruition as a human being? are all the eggs that a woman passes unfertilized also waiting for her up in heaven as children?
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