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Originally Posted by flo View Post
I am in favor of giving our military extra early time to make sure their votes are counted. But the BO administration isn't challenging that, they want to extend the 3 extra days to all Ohioans, as democrats benefit from absentee and early voting (as the article states). Here is a link that is pretty fair in explaining both sides.

rnc is right and I should have read more about the topic. But I don't take back a single word on Obama and his DoJ. They have challenged voter ID laws in several states. Holder recently made the outrageous statement that the Texas voter ID law is a poll tax ( I've posted 2 links, one from each side of the political spectrum). Shame on them. They have hit a new low with the super pac ad touting Romney as being responsible for someone's death, an ad so chock full of outright lies that even the left is calling it despicable. I think they will say and do anything to retain power.
oh, i'm not saying both sides aren't using dirty tactics .. i mean, this is one good example .. most people thought the dems were trying to get rid of the early voting for the military from how it was communicated ... it ain't gonna be pretty between now and november .. thats for sure ..
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