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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
from the video on the website .. it is confusing ... but it sounds to me like the military gets to start voting on the friday before an election and the obama camp has said they want everyone in the state to have access to vote on the friday before the election, at least that is what it sounds like ..
Finally, while the Obama re-election campaign is claiming to the media that he wants to extend voting to everyone for the three-day period preceding the election, this lawsuit is unlikely to accomplish that. If the court were to accept his legal argument that military voters deserve no special treatment under the law, the court would be faced with two options: rewrite the statute that cuts off early absentee voting at the Friday before Election Day or strike down the statute that providers three extra days for military personnel.

If the court believes Obama’s argument that military personnel deserve no special treatment, the court is far more likely to strike down the statute granting that right than it is to rewrite an entirely separate statute. Courts do not write statutes; the legislature does.
Brilliant strategy.

But only one motive seems to make sense. Why would you try to change the whole ballgame? Look how much money and time that would take. Why would John Q. Public need more time to vote?
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