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I'm enrolled in this program called life skills. It sucks. I have to go to work in order to get any money at all. If I don't show up, I get in trouble. They can drug test me at any time. I have people who expect stuff of me and they are always telling me what to do. Then, the money I get has to go to other people for something called BILLS! If I don't pay my bills, I get creditors calling me and boy are they mean. Also, I have to clean my house, do my laundry, cook food, get along with my neighbors, and be nice to my family. Yuck. I'd much rather be a free loader who gets to sit at home and get paid by the government for no reason at all.

Sorry, Ben. I am not in school or taking classes at the moment. The fiance started med school yesterday though. I have a kid in high school and a kid in junior high. Does any of that count?


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