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Default Need help with choosing a laptop( no Nate I'm not getting a Mac)

What are your opinions on laptops? I want a decent one but a cheap one. All I do is surf the net. I'm not a gamer but I do like to have something for pictures and a webcam.
I've read that 2 years is the average life span of a lap top and the two that I have are just past the 2 years and are giving me so many problems. I don't want to pay money to fix them I'd rather just get new and not have to keep paying to fix them. I don't buy old cars either. I like what I have to work and not worry about them breaking down.
What I have now are a Dell and an Asus. The Dell was I think 6 hundred something and the Asus was just over 500 I think.The Dell had more software but it was for things I didn't use.
I just went to Best Buy and saw some really cheap ones (just under 400) but I'm worried that those

Anyway...your two cents please
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