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Default Obama campaign attacks military voting rights

From with a link to a petition to stop this lawsuit:

The Obama Re-election campaign has filed a lawsuit to overturn a law that gives members of the military a few extra days to vote early. Men and women in the military sacrifice dearly for our country and they deserve and have the lawful and constitutional right to additional consideration.

Stand with the U.S. military. The ACLJ will file an amicus brief backing the Ohio law - giving our military men and women an opportunity to cast their ballots in a constitutional manner. Add your name to our brief defending the voting rights of the U.S. military today.

Committee to Defend Military Voting Rights

This challenge by the Obama Re-election Campaign is not only unconstitutional, but it is also offensive to millions of Americans. Our military heroes deserve to have this lawful courtesy extended to them - not more roadblocks making it even more difficult for them to participate in the election.
The military tends to vote very conservatively and obviously they are not going to be fans of Obama (especially not after his blanket repeal of DADT); so this is clearly a ploy of an apparently desperate Obama campaign to restrict the right to vote for many members of our Armed Forces. Despicable.
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