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Default What courses/classes are you currently taking?

We've got a books thread, a movies thread, a music thread, a pictures thread, I thought "Why not an education thread?" We've got a lot of people across a variety of age groups, some are going through school/college, others are pursuing higher education, others are just learning about something that interests them. Let us know what you're studying now & what got you into it.

I'm embarking on an ambitious project that I may or may not ever complete! Covenant Theological Seminary (the PCA's seminary) has made 27 of their courses available on iTunes U. Each course contains recordings of every lecture from a given semester. My goal is to fulfill at least their "Core Classes" recquired for all MA degrees (you can see a list part way down THIS PAGE), and then move on to some "electives". I'm pretty eager to see how this plays out: since I have so much time at work to listen to books/music/etc., I figured why not use that to deepen my understanding of God's world.
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