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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I felt bad for both these guys.
Me too Bon. I think Prager was sorry he didn't insist on continuing.

Joe Lauzon vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1:
Luis Cobian is the referee for this one. Varner throwing two-punch combos early. Varner connects with body shots. Varner sticking and moving. He rocks Lauzon with a big left but Lauzon recovers. Lauzon tags Varner. Now Lauzon opens up with a combo and a big knee which rocks Varner backwards but not down. Two minutes in. Varner with a jumping knee. Lauzon with a jab and a combo. Varner with a kick to the body. Two minutes left, still either guy's round. Varner combo has Lauzon covering up. Lauzon comes right back at Varner with a combo, the two clinch and Varner escapes and scoots out to center. Varner drops Lauzon and goes into Lauzon's guard. Varner with knees to the body as the round ends.

Round 2:
Varner more active early in the round. Varner throws a standing elbow and a two-punch counter. Varner goes for a knee, Lauzon covers up. Varner tries to throw Lauzon but doesn't get it. Lauzon shoots for a takedown, Varner brings him to the ground for a choke, Lauzon reverses position and gets Varner's back, stays on his back as Varner stands, and Varner finally breaks it. Back out at center with two minutes left. Varner connecting with punches to the head and body but Lauzon fires back, drops Varner, and starts landing punches. Lauzon lands several punches and elbows, looks like he'll finish it, but Varner back to his feet. They're on the ground again, Lauzon has Varner's back and is trying to get a choke. 30 seconds left in a tremendous round. Gigantic ovation as the round ends.

Round 3:
Both fighters play to the crowd as the round starts and the crowd obliges with a big ovation. The two embrace. Timeout as Varner has a mouthpiece malfunction. Varner sprawls a Lauzon takedown attempt. Varner with a takedown. He's in Lauzon's half-guard. Lauzon reverses position and they're both back on their feet. Varner connects with a combo. Varner lands a right and shakes the throwing hand afterwards. Varner with a two-punch combo and a takedown, Lauzon tries to turn it into a choke, then positions into a triangle. He's adding in elbows. Lauzon cinches it in tighter and Varner taps to end just a barnburner of a fight.

Joe Lauzon def. Jamie Varner via submission (triangle choke) at 2:44 of round three.
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