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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Yeah, the Liberals are really showing their hand here. Clearly, they don't understand the concept of "freedom of speech."

I don't agree with the Ronald McDonald House giving money to Planned Parenthood, so I never donate to their charity. However, I still eat at McDonalds occasionally and I'm not stupid enough to harass the employees there over it.

The people who are attacking Chik-Fil-A, because of the opinion of a private citizen, are just revealing themselves as morons.
And big fat hypocrites! They seem to understand the concept just fine when they're exercising their right to it. Anytime someone publicly states they believe in marriage between a man and woman out come the attacks with the huge support of people in main stream media. So it was great to see their usual tactics of attack and intimidation backfire on them, and that includes this guy. I hope people continue to push back against these hypocritical bullies!
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