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Manny Gamburyan vs. Michihiro Omigawa

Round 1:
Luis Cobian is the referee. Omigawa stands southpaw, Gamburyan is orthodox and already stalking. A minute in Gamburyan throws a flying knee that partially lands. Omigawa then rocks Gamburyan just a bit with a left hook. Gamburyan with a straight right to the body. Now Omigawa doing the stalking, but he backs off and Gamburyan whiffs on a right hook. Left hook again from Omigawa. Gamburyan attempts a low single, but Omigawa moves out of it easily.

Round 2:
Gamburyan throwing huge strikes early and now clinches with Omigawa against the fence as he presses for a takedown. Gamburyan hits a slide by, but can't get the takedown. He does then run the pipe on a single, but Omigawa stands. Gamburyan again lifts Omigawa for a partial slam, but Omigawa stands. Gamburyan does it again and this time take the back. Omigawa moves to the fence and is able to stand. Jab lands for Gamburyan.

Round 3:
Gamburyan lands two head kicks, the first of which rocks Omigawa, Yet, the Japanese judoka is still on his feet. Now Omigawa is the one pressing forward landing strikes. Gamburyan attempting a double leg takedown in the middle of the round, but gets it as a single. Omigawa stands. Gamburyan is relenetless and scores a pick up double leg scoop slam. Omigawa stands and yet Gamburyan does it again, dumping Omigawa into side control. Omigawa is able to stand and now presses Gamburyan into the fence as he attempts a guillotine. Both fighters are up and Gamburyan attempts the head kick.

Manny Gamburyan defeats Michihiro Omigawa by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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