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Default US Act of 1790

I think I might have found the culprit for your Federal Governments Constitutional Blindess

Why on Earth would a Group of Soverignties need to annex a portion of land for a permanent base. THAT is the moment your Federal Government became something it should not.

Let me explain something, so that you understand the magnitude of this. The United States should never have had a capital city...why? Because its nothing but the collection of the whole. There should be ZERO land outside of the states represented. shouldnt have ONE have a Capitol for EACH State...the states combined only need a venue to reside in. They only need a large place where they can congregate together when required.

The Moment the Federal Government became PHYSICAL as in, its own defined State...the State of was grossly out of order.

Soooo...the United States started its decline less then a year after it ratified the constitution Frankly, im shocked and appauled. Perhaps George Washington should just have sat on a throne afterall...Perhaps, in an ironic way, he very much did so.
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