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Originally Posted by PRShrek View Post
Good post Dave, glad I read the whole thing.

I dont actually dislike George Bush...and I dont fault him for his actions in the international community

Lets be quite clear...the American Culture and the British Commonwealth Culture are DIFFERENT...once you understand that, you start to see that a lot of things Brits take offence at, when it comes to americans, are not malicious, nor particularly arrogant...they are not usually meant to be offensive at all.

Brits just dont understand cultural confidence at all, for a start...and because they dont understand the constitution, they dont understand why Bush acted like he did...infact...a lot of Americans dont seem to understand that either.

One has to remember two things..firstly...would you have coped better faced with what happened under George Bush? The answer to that, if honnest is...I very much doubt it. Secondly...specifically with the United was NOT America that issued the Assembly with a deadline for response....and the reply might have had more to do with that, then America.

It was Tony Blair who told the United Nations they only had a set period to decide...and the French may well have vetoed simply because that bit of nastiness came from England

People forget that...and not everyone reads my posts fully enough...they read the first line and assume I am being anti-american and dont understand...actually...thats not the case...I do understand, and whilst I criticise, I dont fully condemn...certainly not Bush....lets not forget that the guy also had immense pressure from his Father...and lets not forget some of his cabinet members who asserted their authority were well capable of pulling strings. It wasnt entirely George Bush...and after the invasion, IMHO he did exactly the correct thing...IF his motives, however falsly portrayed, were valid in ways that could not politically have been uttered, then he may well have martyred his public opinion in order to save the world from a far worse threat...We know he had this in him, because contrary to popular believef, I've already shown that he will go against his public to hold true to his convictions concerning warfare, and that in cateastrophe he defies the constitution and thinks about all peoples, regardless of how that might make him, personally look.

Should that not be applauded more then what the Forty Fourth has achieved?? I'm not trying to hate on Barack Obama...but...his defiance of the constituion was to better his own illegal instituion AGAINST the betterment of his people. His ideal of warfare is to accept no responsibility, to pull out of places before rebuilding is done, and to negotiate with those governments who harboured terrorists in the bloody first place. He has no Military experience, neither has he any knowledge of assets important to the United States oil...he prooved that with the BP oil slick.

He's dangerously close to centralism...which is NOT what America was designed to be...even if its what I, personally, live under.

He's a black man thats good at public speaking...thats really about all. You shouldnt let him in for a second term...the novelty has worn off. You need to ellect someone...dare I say it...more like Bush
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