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Default Anderson Silva-You Absolutely Suck!

This is pretty funny!

Anderson, Anderson.

You may have the entire population of Brazil fooled. You may have Dana White fooled. You may have every knowledgable MMA analyst and fan on the planet fooled. You may even have Chael Sonnen fooled. But you havent fooled the Honest And Truthful Educated Righteous Seven (H.A.T.E.R.S.): me and my 6 friends who hang out in my mom's basement all day, policing the internet and seeing right through you, oh paper champion.

You sir, are a fraud. There's no one else in UFC history with as fraudulent a 16 fight win streak as yours. No one else with 13 finishes in 15 UFC fights as dubious as yours were.

Others may have forgotten your shame. They may be blinded by your fancy pants moves, your lucky streak, your 'finishes' (seriously: what so-called professional fighter can live with having to resort to using ••••ing JABS to finish his opponent?) but the H.A.T.E.R.S. are not so easily fooled.

We remember you running from Demian Maia, recognizing his superiority over you. We remember you being mercillessly beaten by Chael Sonnen in Oakland; we delighted in your suffering. We watched you eke out controversial victories against Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami. We remember you ducking a Sonnen rematch, until finally being forced to fight, then meekly resisting a takedown and laying limply under the superior Sonnen.

And now? Now you're ducking Jon Jones, a man just a scant 13 years younger than you, who for some reason looks up to you and considers you a friend. Youre ducking Chris Weidman, who, when you do finally fight, you'll undoubtedly have to resort to more silly, unheard-of finishing methods. Or just knock him out quick with yet another preposterous ••••ing JAB.

The Seven see through you, Anderson Silva. We're online, raging against the false greatness, transendence, creativity, longetivity, durability, and God-like brilliance you've tricked tens of millions of people into falsely perceiving. We demand that you fight Weidman, and after you luckily beat him, Jones, and after you luckily beat him, JDS or Cain or Overeem. Anyone, really, who will finally expose you for what you are: weak and ordinary and fallable and human. Just like us, the H.A.T.E.R.S.
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