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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I had no idea just how deep PETA's crazy went, not that I ever really supported the organization in the first place. I remember I was taking a Sociology class in 2002 and our professor made sure to list PETA as a terrorist organization right up there with Al Qaida and Hezbola, because they would not hesitate to kill millions of people to further their cause.

PETA wanting to ban pet ownership is something that I didn't know. According to the Human Society, there are over 78 millions dogs and over 86 million cats kept as pets in the United States alone. PETA would want to rip those animals away from the only home and the only family that they have ever known and throw them out into the wild to starve to death or become prey for other animals out in the wild.

Actually, PETA would probably just exterminate all 160 million animals and call it "ethical."

Also we know how dangerous animals like chimpanzees can be. Would PETA want all 2000 chimpanzees kept in the United States set free with no regard for the safety of the people living in those areas? Of course not, because they'd just kill all those chimpanzees as well. Not that I think they would shed a tear for any human maimed or killed by a chimpanzee.

I actually don't think that PETA is a pro-animal organization, more like an anti-human organization.
I wonder how well these Hollywood celebrities who advertise for PETA know their tactics. Do they agree with their violent terroristic views and acts? Do they agree with PETA teaching people how to make molotov cocktails or agree with firebombing buildings?

What do these people think happens in the wild with animals? It's predator-prey, survival of the fittest, and it ain't pretty or humane.
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