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Originally Posted by PRShrek View Post
Itís kind of unfortunate that he does the same ĎONE GLOVE! DERP! ONE GLOVE! DERP!í crap as everyone else. People forget that everything we knew about no rules fighting we had learned from Bloodsport and encyclopedia articles about pankration. Leaving one hand free to block and grapple and protecting your other hand to throw big shots made perfect sense AT THE TIME, in fact the gladiators of old did exactly that. These guys like to pretend they would have known better if they had been there but as far as most people knew, Jimmersonís gittup was state of the art.
Exactly. He was certain that he'd be able to keep Royce at bay with his jab & was certain that, with no time limits, he'd be jabbing the crap out of Royce's face & didn't want to screw up his hand. Hindsight being 20/20, he looks like a true Derp, but at the time, it was a wise move.
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