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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Yikes! I'm sure I would feel claustrophobic packed into that crush of people.

Talk about a terrorist's dream, Dave, with so many people packed into those underground trains. I'm surprised y'all haven't had more terrorist attempts on the tube.

Where is the Olympic Village there, where all the athlete's will stay?
The Olympic Village has been built just the otherside of the docklands around the Stratford Area. Basically if you were to start at Westminster Palace and travel East along the River you would pass Southbank Centre (South side) The London Eye (SS) the city of Westminster (NS) The City of London (NS) Saint Paul's Cathedral (NS) Southwalk Cathedral (SS) Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf (NS) Greenwhich Peninsular and London Dome (SS) Docklands (NS) and then come to Stratford on the Northside where the Olympic Village and Stadium are located..Wapping would be on the South Side and following that the Great its only just in central London. I think that looks much like Wapping on the South side with the blocks of I assume the Olympic Village is now on the otherside it looks something like which is so peculiar to watch since it really DOES look like the opening ceremony where the industrial revolution smoking stacks litterally rose out of the ground! of the German Dignitaries took the opening ceremony a little to heart... and was seen giving multiple Nazi Salutes to the athletes as they entered...the footage has been banned on youtube
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