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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I just went and looked. They've got lots of people on that list he hasn't fought, surely some would be good match-ups. What about Bonnar or Bader?
Well, Bonnar said he was thinking about retirement right? I'm sure he'd do a title fight though.

And Bader is being considered. He is one of the three the article talks about above for consideration. Rua (when he faces Vera) and winner of Machida vs Bader (assuming one of them gets an impressive win according to Dana)

But other than Bonnar who? And does Bonnar stand a chance? I don't know it's tough. I thought when I looked over the LHW there were considerably less than other weight classes, but I guess that's the case when you move up to the higher weight classes.

Alexander Gustafsson is doing rather well.
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