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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Oh wow, none of this sounds good the way you're describing things, Dave. I guess the Olympic brand is just like any other brand, protected so others can't use it in any way. I did hear about the "more troops there for the Olympics" than what are currently in Afghanistan.

I hope it's not an embarrassment for y'all. I would think the Olympics would bring in a lot of business for locals with all the people coming in to see the games.
that might be the silver lining...but London...wasnt built for this...its got narrow, winding streets, its overcrowded in a way that America doesnt see...its likely to become gridlocked so that noone wants to go and do anything...I remember when I used to live in GOD the Tube network during rush hour...was like something out of China with the numbers all squashed into such a small space...I am not kidding about how bad people were jammed into those trains...ive never experienced anything like it

Just look at the first three moments of this video...and look at the passenger levels...that is REASONABLE levels compared to what was usual in 2003-2005...imagine that PLUS a billion tourists extra for the olympics
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