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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Coz....they are going to use Sheep and possibly fake clouds that really rain to try and create a picture of England across the auditorium...I worry it will be pants compared to all the other opening ceremonies...heck...we DO KNOW they will have a procession of Nurses to "celebrate the National Health Service"

Does that sound like a fun think to watch to you

We have more military in the city then in Afghanistan...and they arent all doing the sort of security you think...In England one thing which has ruined it for locals is the bloody sponsors...they say that you cant bring more then a certain amount of your own food into the olympic village...they have soldiers to conviscate those extra rounds of that you are forced into the loving arms of McDonalds

..and this meant those shops which displayed the olympic rings without permission from the sponsors got into baker made the olympic rings out of sausages, hung it in his shop window, and got done for it....

...also..none of us got tickets...they gave all the tickets to multinational coorperations who did stupid prize draws...for those who bought their none of us could see what we really wanted to see. More has been given away to special VIPS also...these dont even feel like they are Our feels like they are for all the other countries apart from us.

We are in a double dip recession where most of us struggle to live...and they are hosting the Olympics...and not really allowing us to take part in any of the fun

I'll be glad when its over...and just pray it isnt too embarissing while its on.
Oh wow, none of this sounds good the way you're describing things, Dave. I guess the Olympic brand is just like any other brand, protected, so others can't use it in any way. I did hear about the "more troops there for the Olympics" than what are currently in Afghanistan.

I hope it's not an embarrassment for y'all. I would think the Olympics would bring in a lot of business for locals with all the people coming in to see the games.

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