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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
When the French Presidential Candidate, Francois Hollande was running against Sarkozy and visited England, the Prime Minister refused to meet him, claiming it was not his place to influence or treat with kind, someone who had not yet won the presidential seal.

Francois Hollande succeeded Sarkozy, and has never forgiven Cameron for that

So you can imagine the press being quite suprised when David Cameron announced he was not only going to meet Romney when he tours the Kingdom, but introduce him to many high ranking officials AND discuss with him where he stands on the US/UK Extradition Pact.

He wouldnt comment, made no rebuff on calls of being hypocritical in obviously showing who he supports in the US Presidential Ellections.

Its NOT Barack Obama
Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
However...that may not last long.

Romney who is going to witness first hand the catastophe which will probably be the Olympic Openning Ceremony...has indeed epressed a certain amount of vocal concern about the event.

Cant say I blame him for not wanting front row tickets either

But he should be careful...its unusual for the Prime Minister to show any interest in a mere Presidential Candidate...and you gotta be careful, coz if you speak bad about England and then become the US President...England might not be your friend no more

If the French guy had had anything the PM wanted or needed, I'm sure he would have met with him!

Why do you say a catastrophe with the opening? I know y'all are having to use more than expected military troops for security.
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