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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post

My recap video...I think everybody is being a bit harsh on Urijah Faber...he broke his rib and still competed to the end...but noone cares about that...he didnt demand an instant rematch as those who generally fail in the lower weight classes always seem to do...but noone cares about that either...finally...I have more time for someone who fails, but works his way back up...then someone who gives up and tries in a different weight class...noone noticed that point neither.

Bit harsh on him I feel....and most of it is all wish you had a butt chin too

You seemed to agree with me a year ago when I posted this:

Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
Let me start this off by saying I like Urijah. I like how he fights, I like watching him fight.

Now to the point,

I just read that if Urijah beats Brian Bowles, he will get another shot at Dominic Cruz and the title.

I have often thought that Urijah's chances at the belt have been...questionable. That is to say, I didn't always think he deserved them. Now I'm wondering WHERE this comes from. Urijah moves to Bantamweight and beats two guys and gets a title shot...alright. I know he was champ at Featherweight for awhile so I'll agree, give him a title shot. He loses and then faces one guy and if he wins he gets ANOTHER title shot? He was never even champ at Bantamweight why would he get another title shot by beating ONE person?

His past title fights that have bothered me:

He loses his belt to Mike Brown, wins one fight and gets a title shot. (I'm okay with this one) This seems to be the precedent when a guy has held the title for awhile, give him one fight then a rematch. So that's fine.

But then....he loses against Mike Brown, comes back a fight and wins (Against someone with 2 fights in WEC) and gets ANOTHER title shot....against Jose Aldo this time. He loses that fight, drops to bantam, wins two fights and gets a title fight against Dominic, LOSES that fight and if he wins against Bowles he'll get ANOTHER title shot.

*dizzy* my gosh. The guy has lost his last 3 title fights as a challenger in 2 years and we are going to give him ANOTHER chance? After beating just one guy?!?

Alright, off the soap box and done venting. Does anyone feel the same way?
Since that time, he did beat Brian and was granted another title shot and he lost to Barao.

I didn't think he deserved much of it...ergo I'm glad that he lost. I didn't want to see him win an interim belt and I didn't want to see him face Cruz.
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